EMPTY by Out of Ether

        The Empty Cup Runneth

        You Are My Sunshine!

        The Academy of Country
        Music Awards!


 Don't Let Go!!


                      Recording late at night, sometimes you capture the unexpected.

                      "Spirits" was recorded in 1 take with 1 microphone in our studio.

                      People keep asking, "When are you coming to England?," or
                      "When are you coming to Australia?," etc.

                      This project is just beginning, but suffice to say;

                      The 'spirit' of what we are and the 'spirit' of how we sound live
                      is captured in this song!

                      Your Friends,
                      Out of Ether



        Featured on Clear Channel!

        Featured on Myspace!
        The Craft MGD

        April is Autism Awareness

Coming Soon!

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