We have a HUGE favor to ask-

This song was going to be used for our Global Campaign against Cancer.

Many of you know exactly what happened with this song.

As writers of the song, each one of us have had parents and dear friends who have faced cancer and death. Sadly, several years ago, before we wrote Don't Let Go- one of our mothers died of a brain tumor. Don't Let Go was written as a tribute to her, to our parents (Mothers and Fathers) and to our daughters. Since most of you know what has happened with the song- to see her memory violated and to see others profit and promote themselves while ruining what we created, is very painful for us.

In the end, we truly believe integrity and honesty is what music is truly about.
Fortunately, a number of people in the recording industry are beginning to find out what happened to us, who was involved and more importantly are willing and anxious to support our cause.
Currently, Don't Let Go is being featured by Clear Channel Communications and a Grass-Roots group of Radio Stations and Promoters who want to do what's right!

You may download our song, "Don't Let Go" for free

Don't Let Go

Click HERE to download this song use to help fight cancer!!

Here's the favor-

Please make a 71 cent(US) donation to
The National Breast Cancer Foundation
in your and our name (Out of Ether)

To donate to
The National Breast Cancer Foundation

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In making this donation
You are helping to fight Cancer and Injustice!!

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