EMPTY by Out of Ether

        The Empty Cup Runneth

        You Are My Sunshine!

        The Academy of Country
        Music Awards!


 Don't Let Go!!

                      EMPTY by Out of Ether

                              I did never know so full a voice issue from so empty a
                      heart: but the saying is true 'The empty vessel makes the
                      greatest sound'.- William Shakespeare

                              We were asked to record the saddest song we have ever

                      Actually, we've written 3-

                      "Empty"- Which we wrote a number of years ago and have                       released today.
                      "Why"- Which we may release next year, and
                      "Forsaken"- Which will never be released.....

                      We promise the next one will be HAPPY!!! ;-)

                      Your Friends,
                      Out of Ether

                      PS. This is an Exclusive Release.

                      You can only purchase "Empty" at- Broadjam.com



        Featured on Clear Channel!

        Featured on Myspace!
        The Craft MGD

        April is Autism Awareness

Coming Soon!

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