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        The Empty Cup Runneth

        You Are My Sunshine!

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 Don't Let Go!!

                      The Empty Cup Runneth Over

                              We are very proud to announce that our music has been
                      specially selected by author Cindy Papale to help in her deter-
                      mined efforts to fight cancer.

                      Cindy is a Breast Cancer survivor and author of the book,
                      "The Empty Cup Runneth Over."

                      You may remember Cindy's cousin Vince Papale;
                      Vince was the Professional Football Player played by Mark
                      Wahlberg in the movie, "Invincible!"

                      Both Cindy and Vince will be speaking at a very special event
                      called the Making Strides For Breast Cancer in Fort Myers,
                      Florida on Saturday, Oct 17, 2009.

                      If you get a chance, stop by and let her know that you are
                      a friend of Out of Ether!

                      Cindy will be also be a featured guest on Sirius Radio,
                      the show will also feature Mellisa Ethridge!

                      We sincerely hope Cindy will be joining the tremendous
                      Myspace Community soon, but in the meantime she would
                      welcome your friendship and support on Facebook-

                      Friend Cindy on Facebook- HERE!

                      Follow Cindy on Twitter- HERE!

                      Again, please let her know that you are our friends!!

                      Cindy is dedicated in her efforts to help others. Her book
                      is an incredible resource for anyone facing and coping
                      with Breast Cancer.

                      Her website is-


                      Cindy also has a very special and frank video discussion about
                      her experience with cancer called,

                      "Cindy Papale Shares Her Story."

                      You can watch the video- HERE!

                      We sincerely believe that this terrible disease will soon
                      be gone forever!!

                      In the meantime, together we WILL make a difference!!

                      Your Friends,
                      Out of Ether



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