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                              As many of you know, we had a dear friend who was
                      courageously battling cancer. Sadly, after a valiant struggle,
                      she peacefully succumbed and recently passed away.

                      She died with dignity, surrounded by family and friends. Her
                      loss has only strengthened our resolve to continue the fight
                      against the plague of cancer.

                      In honor of her memory we are releasing the song "Better."
                      This is not your typical 'campaign' song. We felt that this
                      song embodies the struggle, the helplessness, the anger, the
                      frustration and even the victories we all face to get "Better."

                      Our plan and our purpose to use our music to help others
                      has not changed. If you would like to help, please feel free
                      to add us on Facebook-

                      Adding us on Facebook will enable us to reach even more people
                      with our planned global campaign. We hope everything will be
                      in line by late Spring, early Summer.

                      Thanks to all of you for helping us to use our music and 'social
                      networking' to continue the fight and hopefully one day to win the
                      war against cancer!!

                      In the meantime, together we WILL make a difference!!

                      Your Friends,
                      Out of Ether



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