Official Welcome to Radio
        Stations from around
        the World!!

        Now on Nashville 11!!

        Now on Pandora Radio!!

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        The Academy of Country
        Music Awards!


 Don't Let Go!!

                      Welcome To All of Our Friends in Radio!!

                              We want to Officially Welcome all of our new
                      and long time friends in Radio!!!

                              We know how busy and how hard our friends
                      in Radio work to share great music with their listeners!
                      We are very, very grateful that so many Radio Stations from
                      around the World are starting to play our music on Air!

                              If you work for Radio- You can now Preview and
                      Download Broadcast quality files of our music for FREE
                      at Airplay Direct (

                            Click Here- To Download our Music for Radio!

                              Also, If you need ANYTHING from us to help with the
                      promotion of your Radio Station or Radio Show (Station ID's,
                      Special Show Promo Intros, Interviews, ect.)

                      PLEASE feel free contact us at:





        Featured on Clear Channel!

        Featured on Myspace!
        The Craft MGD

        April is Autism Awareness

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